Research & Reports

Comprehensive Resources (by category)​​:​

    • San Jose Homeless Census and Survey Reports - Data from the biannual count of the people experiencing homelessness in San Jose and Santa Clara County, including previous years
    • Silicon Valley at Home - Website page with an interactive map, resources and information on homelessness in Santa Clara County
    • All the Way Home - Information, infographic and progress on the Destination: Home campaign to end veteran homelessness in Santa Clara County
    • Project Welcome Home - Video, case study and additional information on the first “pay for success” project implemented by the County of Santa Clara and Abode Services to provide housing and supportive services for the chronically homeless 
    • Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County - Service opportunities, information on available shelters and safe parking sites, advocacy opportunities and videos
    • Rapid Re-housing: What the Research Says - Study showing success of rapid re-housing in helping families exit homeless shelters due to low barriers to entry, high placement rates, and low rates of return to shelter (Urban Institute, 2015)
    • Evaluation of Rapid Re-housing for Homeless Families - Study showing that families enrolled in rapid re-housing had a low likelihood of returning to homelessness within 12 months of exiting the program (US Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2016)
    • Housing Vouchers Reduce Hardship and Provide Long-Term Gains - Research showing that vouchers reduce homelessness, lift people out of poverty and provide educational, developmental, and health benefits for children and reduce public costs (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 2015)
    • ​Roadmap: How Do We Tackle the Affordable Housing Crisis? - Data on and analysis of the affordable housing crisis in Santa Clara County, including infographics and explanation of obstacles to increasing housing development (Silicon Valley at Home, 2016)
    • Cost of Affordable Housing: Does It Pencil Out ​- Interactive online tool highlights how difficult it is to finance and pay for affordable housing developments (Urban Institute, 2016
    • Losing Ground: Struggle of Families to Afford Housing - Study showing how difficult it is for moderate-incomes families to afford increasing housing and transportation costs, including recommended government action that could help (Center for Housing Policy, 2012)
    • National Need for Affordable Housing - Article providing details on extreme need for affordable housing for those with the lowest incomes (National Low Income Housing Coalition, 2017)
    • Helping Low-Income Californians Afford Housing - Report emphasizing California’s housing crisis, and showing that existing affordable housing programs assist very few low-income and that resources should be focused on housing for homeless individuals and people with physical and mental health challenges (California Legislative Analyst’s Office, 2016)
    • California’s High Housing Costs: Causes and Consequences - State government report identifying lack of new housing construction as the primary cause of high housing costs (California Legislative Analyst’s Office, 2015)
    • Housing Market Analysis for Silicon Valley - Analysis showing housing vacancy rate of only 2.5% in Santa Clara and San Benito counties, making it very difficult for people with housing vouchers to find available apartments and therefore unable to use the voucher (US Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2014) 

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